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Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Bugs

At Certified Detection Dogs Inc, we have experience when it comes to the detection of bed bugs. If you are looking to learn more information about bed bugs and canine detection methods, here are some frequently asked questions that we have put together.

Q: What are the benefits of dog inspections?

A: While people can perform visual inspections, dog detection is a more accurate method, because it utilizes the following of scent trails that the bugs leave behind.

Q: Where are bed bugs normally found?

A: Although the name suggests that bed bugs are limited to your sleeping quarters, these little bugs can be found everywhere inside of your home or business. They can live in carpeting, clothing, upholstery and in many other areas that you come in contact with every day.

Q: If I keep my house clean, am I safe from bed bugs?

A: Bed bugs live in clean and messy homes without discrimination. They look for warmth and a feeding source, and that is all they need. And even if your property is free from bed bugs today, these little pests can get into your clothing or hide in other items like your suitcase and be brought into your home.

Q: Can dogs really detect bed bugs?

A: Yes. Our trained canines use their incredibly adept sense of smell to locate bed bugs in even the most hidden of areas, and in places where people cannot see.

Q: How much more accurate is dog detection over human detection?

A: Dogs are 97% effective, while humans are only 30% effective.

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